Hy510 Cpu Silicone Heatsink Thermal Paste Compound 1g

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  1. Precision in Every Gram: With a precisely measured weight of 1 gram, our thermal solution ensures accurate and controlled application, guaranteeing the right amount for optimal heat management.
  2. Effortless Syringe Design: Designed for user-friendly operation, the syringe design offers effortless and controlled dispensing, making precise application a breeze even for beginners.
  3. Heat Dispersal Champion: Engineered to excel, our solution effectively disperses heat from your CPU to the heat sink, safeguarding your components' performance and longevity.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Whether it's your CPU heat sink or chip, our solution is tailored to cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring a secure thermal bond for all your electronic devices.
  5. Built to Endure: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, this solution boasts high temperature resistance, remaining non-toxic, tasteless, and non-corrosive, ensuring s
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Introducing the Ultimate Thermal Solution:

Weight: 1 gram

Engineered for Ease: Syringe Design for Effortless Application

Unlock Peak Performance: Efficiently Disperse CPU Heat to Heat Sink

Precision Matters: Ideal for CPU Heat Sinks or Chips

Built to Endure: Withstands High Temperatures, Non-Toxic, Tasteless, and Non-Corrosive

Primary Mission: Achieve Optimal Thermal Coupling for Electronic Devices and Heat Sinks

Crafted for Excellence: High Conductivity, Low Bleed, and Remarkable Stability at High Temperatures

Unleash Potential: Thermal Conductivity Surpassing 1.829W/m-k

Experience the Power of Precision with Every Application. Elevate Your Thermal Management Now.

Weight: 1 gram

Syringe design, for easy operation

Helps disperse the heat from CPU to heat sink effectively

Suitable for: CPU heat sink or chip

High temperature resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive

Primary use: Thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks

Special properties: High conductivity, low bleed, stable at high temperatures

Thermal conductivity: >1.829W/m-k

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Hy510 Cpu Silicone Heatsink Thermal Paste Compound 1g

25.0035.00 (-29%)

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