Hy510 Cpu Silicone Heatsink Thermal Paste Compound 15g

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  1. RoHS Environmental Compliance: Our thermal silicone paste takes a step towards environmental protection with RoHS compliance, ensuring a responsible choice for your needs.
  2. High Conductivity & Effective Insulation: Experience unparalleled thermal performance with high conductivity that optimizes heat transfer. Effective insulation properties also contribute to maintaining temperature consistency.
  3. Resilient to High Temperatures: Engineered to withstand high temperatures, our silicone paste remains reliable even in demanding conditions, ensuring your components stay cool and functional.
  4. Bridging the Gap: The secret to efficient thermal conductivity lies in its working principle—bridging the gap between heating elements and cooling devices. By increasing the contact area, it maximizes heat dissipation for optimal results.
  5. Easy Application and Mixing: Applying our paste is a breeze. A gentle stir may reveal a slight silicone oil separation—perfectly normal. Use tools like syringes or scrapers for straightforward application on clean surfaces.
  6. Safety Measures: Keep safety a priority. This product isn't suitable for children and should be kept out of their reach. If accidental contact occurs, rinse with care or seek professional advice.
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Apply to RoHS environmental for protection requirements.

High conductivity, effective insulation, high temperature resistant, low oil departs non-corrosive.

Working principle: Fill the for gap between heating element and the cooling device; Increase the contact area, so as to achieve the soundest effect of thermal conductivity.

Method of use: It’s normal phenomena, there is a little silicone oil floating above. Please stir well before use. Keep be painted surface clean, and painted directly with tools (such as syringe, scraper, finger cot, etc.)

Warn notice: Keep children away from it. If swallowed or inadvertently come into eyes, ear, nose, mouth. Brush with clean water or send to hospital when necessary.

Storage: Normal temperature preservation. Please cover it after using, avoid impurities such as dust, which will have effect of thermal conductivity.


Paste Material: Silicone Paste

Color: Gray

Bottle Size: approx. 3*3.5cm(D*H)

Conductivity: More than 1.2W/m-k

Resistance: less than 0.211 Centigrade-in⊃2;/W

Net weight: 18.5g

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Weight 1 g

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Hy510 Cpu Silicone Heatsink Thermal Paste Compound 15g

45.0070.00 (-36%)

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