CCTV Connectors

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Key Features of our Connectors and Couplers:

  1. BNC Connector:
  • Reliable Signal Transmission: Ensure optimal audio and video signal transmission for high-quality performance.
  • Secure Connection: The BNC connector provides a secure and stable connection, minimizing signal loss and interference.
  1. DC Male Connector:
  • Efficient Power Distribution: Connect power sources to devices seamlessly, providing a reliable power supply.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Easy to install, allowing for quick and convenient power connections.
  1. DC Female Connector:
  • Seamless Power Input: Enable easy and secure power connections from power sources to devices.
  • Reliable Power Supply: Ensure a stable and consistent power flow to devices, minimizing power interruptions.
  1. BNC Coupler:
  • Flexible Cable Extension: Join or extend BNC cables effortlessly to achieve the desired cable length.
  • Easy Connectivity: The BNC coupler allows for quick and secure connection and disconnection of BNC cables.

BNC Connector

DC Male Connector

DC Female Connector

DC BNC Coupler

Introducing our range of essential connectors and couplers designed to enhance your audio and video setups. These connectors and couplers ensure seamless connections and efficient power distribution, allowing you to create a reliable and professional-grade system.

  1. BNC Connector: Our BNC Connector is a versatile and widely used connector for audio and video applications. It provides a secure and stable connection between cables and devices, ensuring optimal signal transmission. Whether you’re working with CCTV systems, broadcast equipment, or professional audio setups, our BNC Connector is an essential component for maintaining high-quality connections.
  2. DC Male Connector: The DC Male Connector is a key component in power distribution systems. It allows for the easy connection of power sources to devices, providing a reliable power supply. Designed to fit standard DC power cables, our DC Male Connector ensures secure and efficient power transfer, making it an ideal choice for various electronic devices such as cameras, LED lighting systems, and routers.
  3. DC Female Connector: Complementing the DC Male Connector, our DC Female Connector serves as the counterpart for power input connections. It enables seamless connectivity between power sources and devices, ensuring a stable power supply. With its durable design and compatibility with standard DC power cables, our DC Female Connector is a reliable choice for powering devices such as monitors, audio equipment, and surveillance systems.
  4. BNC Coupler: The BNC Coupler is a convenient and practical accessory for extending or joining BNC cables. It allows for easy connection and disconnection of BNC cables, providing flexibility and adaptability in your audio and video setups. Whether you need to extend cable lengths or connect multiple devices, our BNC Coupler ensures a secure and reliable connection without compromising signal quality.

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